Future Space Travel – What is the Cost ??

Future space travel in my opinion will hopefully be large crafts with large propulsion systems like we see in series such as Star Trek. With huge reactors powered likely by something nuclear or something which is powerful enough to make such craft go the speed of light for fast travel.

I just dream sometimes that I could have been born at a time where these things were actually reality as opposed to just TV series. I think we’ll make it in the end to that stage of advancement, however for now we live at a time where things could be considered considerably crude to what we have in-store for the future.

Today we have the U.S. space shuttle and Russian space rockets which can carry people into space and they can come back safely if all goes well. Virgin Galactic came out with their own spacraft which can only reach sub-orbital heights at 62 miles from sea level at a cost of $200,000 per person.

Now these things are interesting but I just wish I was born at a time where space travel was an everyday thing. You could visit other planets with other life forms and so forth. It would be great and I think if I was born in that type of advanced world, I would love to be a pilot of a spacecraft or even a crewman. – Even if I’m just the janitor, the experience of being in space would be overwhelming.

But for now we wait and we let the scientists/programmers/engineers do the work and only aspire to reach the stage where we can finally live in a advanced world with technology which can get us to Pluto in minutes, or get us to places that we have never heard of before. It is these advancements which will make ultimately the human race survive when we eventually run of resources.

If you had one wish, what would it be?

On one condition, the wish has to involve space in some way, shape or form.

Since I’m turning this into a blog like article, what wish would you have if you had one? Many would say to be a billionaire. Me? I’d say a time machine. First thing I’d do is go into the future and do a little snooping around. This has everything to do with space, I would look to see if we as human beings  had reached the stage where we could fly to other planets just for holiday’s and trips etc. The benefit to having a time machine aslo is that I could make myself a rich person buying the top .com’s that currently are around today like Google, Twitter, Facebook and possibly a lot more. Getting back to the space I’d use the money I had invested to buy the .com’s to use that money in the future to buy my own spacecraft and explore the galaxy with a few friends and family I’d bring along. It would be awesome. But it is just a dream, one of many about space in this world of 6 billion or so people.

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