Ready for the Launch Experience of a Lifetime?

Until recenly, the public has only been able to experience space travel vicariously through the adventures of a privileged few. The adrenalin from countdown, the rush of ignition and the thrill of being launched to space on a roaring rocket has been witnessed from a distance. With Benson Space Company, you will be able to experience that thrill, right off the launch pad. Spaceflight, the extreme luxury sport, is becoming a reality.

After boarding the Dream Chaser™ spaceship, you will strap down and monitor the final system checks, looking over the spaceport surroundings and the distant desert from your Dream Chaser window. Anticipation and excitement will build as the final countdown approaches zero. Along with your fellow travelers, family, friends and hundreds of onlookers, You will shout out the final seconds as your heart pounds 3…2…1…

The powerful rocket motors will ignite. Your Dream Chaser spaceship will lift you off the ground with the unimaginable power of over 110,000 pounds of thrust… slowly at first, pressing you ever more firmly into your cushioned seat. Through the window, Earth’s terrain will begin to pull away from beneath you.

The roar of the rocket motors will pierce your body and pulsate through your insides as a barrage of thundering reverberations. Your journey will shoot you skyward faster than a bullet – higher and higher. The sky as you know it will transform from light blue to cerulian, from cobalt to pitch black. The spaceship reaches main engine cutoff and the thrust abruptly stops, leaving you weightless – and breathless.

You will be able to see all the way from the west coast to Denver, and you will see the distinct curvature of the earth with the thin blue line of the atmosphere’s edge, a delicate blue blanket far out on the horizon; the iconic image of the space age, of which you are now a part of.

After peaking at an apogee greater than 63 miles (335,000 feet), your spaceship will enter a long glide back to Earth, faster and faster, as if you are on the world’s highest, steepest roller coaster. 1,000 miles per hour…building to 2,000….screaming to 3,000 MPH! As the atmosphere becomes thicker and thicker, the G-force will rise and press you down into your seat so you can hardly move.

As the pilot pulls the nose up to cut velocity, you will feel wonderous and slightly disoriented – as you watch the runway gradually approach in the distance. Then, touch down. In relative peace and quiet, your spaceship will gently coast to a stop on the runway, returning you to the safety and secuty of friends and loved ones.

You have just fulfilled your life-long dream. Congratulations – you’re the world’s newest astronaut! Now it’s your chance to share your space adventures with the citizens of the world as an ambassador of space travel.

Flights to Orbit

A few years from now, Benson Space Company plans to offer launches to a variety of orbital destinations. Our own Benson Space Company astronauts, like you, will have earned the privilege of being first in line for these orbital flights.