Every Star in Space Has a Planet, Says Study!

According to a new study by the American Astronomical Society (AAS) for every star there are planets orbiting them. This puts the number of planets which are habitable in the billions.

The search for life on other planets or planets which can support life has been lead by the Kepler space program. It has scanned over 150,000 planets and perhaps in that batch of planets, there is hope for one of those planets; to support life. Kepler recently found 2 planets which is said to have supported life, however possibility of those planets supporting life (As we know it) ceased as the planet moved closer to its orbiting Sun. (Star)

The University of Copenhagen has also stated that the Milky Way could contain 10 billion habitable planets. Their research, which went on for 6 years– exploring habitable planets in the Milky Way system, is argued that in a large area of the system contains the ingredients for planets to be habitable. Such as the right temperatures to allow or sustain for water, although astronomers and scientists outlined that there is obviously no way of verifying whether there is life on many of the planets.

However the point can be argued that out of 10 billion, there just possibly has to be 1 or perhaps even just 10 planets which do support life like our own.

The search continues.

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