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Quick Earth Facts

Diameter: 7926 miles (12755 km)
Length of day: 23.56 hours
Length of year: 365.25 Earth days
Average distance from the Sun: 93 million miles (150 million km)
Average temperature: 59 ºF (15 ºC)
Number of moons: 1

Hey it’s the spinning blue planet we like to call home!

The planet earth is so fascinating because it is the only planet we know of that contains life. There are many reasons this is possible.

Let’s find out why…

Earth Facts – Why is there life on Earth?

First, we are at the perfect distance from the sun. At 93 million miles, we are kept just warm enough not to freeze – like Mars – and cool enough not to burn up – like Mercury.

Second is our atmosphere. Oxygen, the stuff we like to breath, is the main element that makes up our air supply. Also, the atmosphere contains an ozone layer, which blocks most of the harmful UV light the sun gives off. The atmosphere acts kind of like a thermostat for Earth letting just enough heat in and out to keep the planet warm.

Next we have water. We all get thirsty for some cool and refreshing water. We can only live about 7 days without water. And just so happens that Earth is 70% water.

Earth Facts – True or False: The ocean is the reason the sky is blue.

Answer: False! It is actually the sky that makes the sky blue.

Sounds strange I know, but check it out. If you’ve ever seen a spectrum you know there are different colors that make up light, looks like a rainbow. Well, the atmosphere scatters all the blue light that comes to us from the sun and lets red, orange, yellow and green come right through.

So even without the ocean, the sky would appear blue.

Earth Facts – How did Earth get it’s name?

I found it interesting that Earth is the only planet that is NOT named after a god. Earth actually comes from an Old English word eorthe, which means ground or soil.

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