Cubesat Constellations as a Platform for Earth Observation

Cal Poly and the Paradigm Shift Since the dawn of the space age, we have grown up with watching TV…

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Planet Jupiter Facts You Won’t Believe!

Here you’re going to discover some amazing facts about the Giant Planet Jupiter. The first of our planet Jupiter facts…

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What are Constellations Anyway?

This page will give you an intro to ancient Astronomy constellations. Well, they are star groupings that form patterns in the…

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Is there life on Mars the Planet?

Is there life Mars the planet? This is probably the biggest question on most astronomers’ minds, young and old alike….

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The North Star and Astronomy Go Hand in Hand

The connection between the North Star and astronomy is an ancient one. For as long as people have been studying the stars,…

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What Is a Planet Exactly ?? Check Out This Article!

The question posed as “what is a planet?” is often heard in school and we know for certain that we…

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An Introduction to Astronomy and Stargazing

Astronomy is basically the study of the origins and the phenomena of celestial objects. Astronomy is one of the oldest…

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Careers in Astronomy Require Careful Preparation

The only things you need to study astronomy are logic, intuition, and imagination, and I’m sure you brought those with you! Actually, all you need to pursue a career in astronomy is curiosity and an interest in science.

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