Careers in Astronomy Require Careful Preparation

There may be some of you out there who are considering Careers in astronomy. Maybe somewhere along the way, you heard that astronomy is difficult or to hard to understand. Now that you’ve stumbled across my website, I hope that you’ve changed your mind.

Astronomy is fun and interesting if you give it a chance. The only things you need to study astronomy are logic, intuition, and imagination, and I’m sure you brought those with you! Actually, all you need to pursue a career in astronomy is curiosity and an interest in science.

Where do you start?

The obvious question then, is where do you get started? If you really want to prepare for an astronomy career, you should start in high school. Continue to take math and science courses after tenth grade. You should consider completing pre-calculus in math, and chemistry and physics in science.

Get involved in any and all extra-curricular science and amateur astronomy groups as you can. Check to see if there are any astronomy clubs in your local community.

Where do astronomers work?

Many astronomers are faculty members at colleges and universities. Others work at observatories and laboratories. Many astronomers at universities hold teaching positions in addition to their research duties.

So as you can see, those of you planning to have careers in astronomy should pay attention to what classes you take once you get to high school.

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